Significant uptake of the use of pod sealants

Fri 29 Aug 2014

A recent survey of 400 oilseed rape farmers in the UK, conducted by the Kleffmann Group, reports that four in five farmers had heard of the product group pod sealants and 73% of them have actually used one. Just 16% of farmers were unaware of these specialist inputs and 26% said that they had never used one.  

Roger Pratchett of IBR-Ltd, the UK agent for Kleffmann, says pod sealants are applied to oilseed rape, with the aim of reducing pod shatter at harvest, so protecting yield and minimising volunteers in following crops.  “The improving profitability of oilseed rape in recent years may have stimulated more interest in these products as growers try to hang onto as much seed as possible at harvest to optimize yield. Even when prices are looking less favourable, it clearly makes sense to adopt the same practice.”

“Nationally 80% of growers know of such products, but in Yorkshire and Scotland the figure was 90%. Fewer growers in the SouthWest (67%) knew about pod sealants however, possibly reflecting regional cropping variation,” reports Roger.

“There was one clear preferred product which was Pod-Stik from DeSangosse, mentioned by 59% of farmers who have use a pod sealant, followed by Zip-Pod also from DeSangosse (selected by 9% of farmers) and Iskay from Interagro (8% of farmers). 18% of farmers couldn’t remember the brand they used. More than half of all farmers said that they were satisfied or very satisfied with pod sealants, with just 1% saying that they were dissatisfied.”

With yield protection being one of the key claimed benefits of pod sealants, farmers were asked what % yield increase would they expect from the use of these products.  “Just over one-third (35% of farmers) did not know, whereas 32% anticipated a yield increase of up to 10%. In an average 3.5 t/ha crop of rape, this would be 0.35 t/ha extra yield.”

“But 5% of growers expected a yield increase of between 10 to 20%. Interestingly 24% of optimistic growers expected even more extra yield than that,” said Roger.

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