Independent Business Resource is the UK representative of the Worlds leading Agricultural Market information agency, the Kleffmann Group. Founded by Burkhard Kleffmann in Germany in 1990, Kleffmann Group today is the world leader in agricultural market research. A multinational company, operating in more than sixty countries worldwide.


Kleffmann’s AMIS (Agricultural Marketing Information System) Farmer crop panel surveys are the most complete source of global agribusiness information. Conducted annually with selected farmers, the primary objective of AMIS is to track and follow agricultural markets for different crops and livestock by collecting quantitative and qualitative data. Interviews, conducted in the principal agricultural regions of the world, are both face-to-face and by telephone with questions about plant protection, crop seed and other agricultural topics.

Our AMIS panel data facilitates comparison by segment, consumer profile, product and brand positioning, market performance, market share, price definition and other factors. This information results in the most complete global and local analysis of the agricultural market as a whole. In order to stress our precision and uniqueness in the market these analyses are presented in analytical reports.

Within the UK our management of the Kleffmann business includes a range of large scale continuous farmer crop panels including Cereals, Oilseed rape, Potatoes and Maize, focusing on the quantitative and qualitative responses from farmers on agri-inputs, so whether you are a seed breeder looking for varietal information or a chemical manufacturer looking at brand performance the Agricultural Marketing Information System (AMIS) panel data will assist in your research objectives. Market shares of your and competitor products, rates of use, timing of applications/ drilling, targets, reasons for product selection, sources of advice are just some of the numerous variables collected and available for analysis and reporting.


For those businesses wishing to track import and exports of commodities into and out of the United Kingdom, TRANS-TRAK provides a vehicle to monitor activity. Updated every six weeks this web based interface allows users access to bespoke datasets designed to reflect there own areas of interest, covering:

  • Commodity classification based on HMCE CN coding
  • Region /Country of origin/dispatch
  • Value of goods Sea/Air port of arrival/dispatch
  • Date of import/export
  • Volume of goods
  • Importer name and address for Non EU movements - see TRANS-TRAK


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