What is My Data Plant

  • Precision farming based on satellite imagery.
  • Monitor the growth of crops and identify problems in field.
  • Create variable rate fertiliser maps based on the crops vitality.
  • Create field zone maps showing variation across the field which can help create variable rate seed maps.

Using Sentinel satellite data at a 5m x 5m resolution, farmers can map their fields. This gives them the ability to accurately see the vitality/biomass of their crops. Using these maps, My Data Plant can create variable rate fertiliser application maps and soil zone maps. This gives the farmer an easy way to better monitor and manage their fields.

A key stages throughout the year, farmers can see what's happening in their crops. The farmer can then investigate the causes of the variation in the field that they have found by using the maps.

Simply My Data Plant allows farmers to monitor their crops, identify areas that aren’t performing, create variable rate fertiliser maps and field zone maps. Basically My Data Plant can help farmers improve their yields and better mange their crops in a simple, quick and easy to use format.

How My Data Plant works...

  1. Satellite data is processed by My Data plant
  2. The web portal allows the user to define fields through drawing or uploading.
  3. The fields then show the biomass readings which are taken every five days
  4. Application maps can be created in the portal which can be exported and transferred to the tractor terminal or tablet.

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