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A strategic consulting alliance based upon proven, trusted relationships


Promar International is the consultancy business within Genus plc. The multi-million pound business specialises in research and consultancy in the agricultural, agri-food, and branded food & drink sectors in the UK and worldwide.

Promar’s agri food consulting team works for a wide range of clients including regional development agencies, statutory and non statutory industry organisations, government agencies and leading private sector agri food businesses operating across the value chain. Promar’s expertise focuses on:

  • Development of industry strategies.
  • Agri food sector development in the mid to long term.
  • Strategic market development.
  • Value chain analysis.
  • Feasibility and investment studies.
  • Export development.

Projects range from simple market studies of a tactical nature, to full scale market entry, distribution or business planning strategies. With global resources and a dedicated team with unrivalled high-level experience, we can deliver on the most complex briefs.


With any consulting business the volume of commissions in any one period time is difficult to predict, over-resourcing will lead to cost prohibitive overheads and under resourcing inevitably leads to quality of service issues.

It is therefore imperative that we operate with the flexibility to react to client demands in such a way that facilitates a cost effective operation. Our in house team of experienced consultants provide the backbone of our resource capability. Over and above that we utilise freelance professionals who have proven track records of excellence in particular specialist fields.


IBR-Ltd provides Promar with synergistic skills to its business activities. Roger Pratchett’s twenty years of experience from commercial agrochemical research and development based businesses, together with Director level roles in the field of international market research provides us with an invaluable asset.


The benefit I see in Roger’s activities with the Promar business is my ability to delegate with confidence. Roger is what I would describe as a ‘Safe pair of hands’ which is a simple phrase, but one of critical importance, in the context of working with associates on often complex important high profile projects.

He is able to take a brief and deliver with the independence you need of an associate consultant. His experience in agriculture combined with excellent communication skills allows him to present and communicate effectively at all levels within a business from the CEO to the production line worker.

Promar International has utilised the services of IBR-Ltd on a number of projects since the establishment of the business in 2003, which have included:

  • Desk research on EU Food safety regulatory legislation.
  • The evaluation of acceptance of a new levy funded body to promote UK produce.
  • A commercial due diligence project involving a Global finance institution and a major horticultural business.
  • The assessment of an Asian food processing traceability initiative.

I can only envisage from IBR-Ltd’s performance to date that our trusted long standing relationship will continue for the foreseeable future.



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