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Established in 1982, Topline Advertising and Marketing limited is one of the leading full service agencies in the midlands. Managing Director John O’Reilly believes that “Essential to the success of any agency/client relationship is understanding the dynamics of the client’s market place and the application of the agency’s skills to achieve the desired goals of any one campaign.”

Since its establishment in 1982 the business has grown significantly by applying our A&P technical, marketing and creative skills for a range of blue chip clients operating in agri-input, B2B and FMCG sectors.


Success in business should never be taken for granted and it is essential to refresh the product offering or service to the client.

Our challenge is not only to deliver the level of excellence our clients are familiar with, but also to add value to those accounts by being proactive in anticipating need and keeping in touch with critical issues that may affect the effectiveness of advertising and promotional activities. For new clients we need to back up our impressive track record with insights into their specific market.


Topline has enhanced its unique position in the agricultural advertising and promotion sector by forming an exclusive partnership with IBR-Ltd.

We first worked with IBR-Ltd to provide a review of client and competitor marketing materials for a new client. Often with creative work, personal taste comes into play and it can be hard to remain objective. Nothing beats presenting the views of the target market, rather than just the agency’s opinions.

IBR-Ltd has a unique synergy with our business with over 20 years experience from both client and agency backgrounds, across a range of disciplines within agriculture including marketing, market research and consulting. Utilising this experience IBR-Ltd conducted a range of focus groups with farmers designed to evaluate the effectiveness of communication material in market place and to pick up on the strengths and weaknesses of various styles.

This form of initiative exploits a blend of complementary skills to the benefit of our clients and allows us to offer research driven marketing communications, crafted by creative professionals familiar with the agricultural market.

John O’Reilly, MD, Topline

Benefits Clients employing the services of Topline Advertising and Marketing have the unique option of working with an agency that not only has the vision and creativity to design world-class campaigns, but also, as part of the service, they are pre-tested in confidence, to ensure the concepts presented to clients actually work in front of their chosen audience.


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