UK Import and Export data

A unique web-based program which allows subscribers access to a wealth of global UK Import and Export commodity movements.

Based on HM Customs and Excise (HMCE) data, TRANS-TRAK provides subscribers with a web based interface to query a bespoke database which isolates data for their particular area of commerce.

Updated on a monthly basis, TRANS-TRAK, provides clients with real competitive advantage by providing access to a data set which is no more than 6 weeks old, from the date when INTRASTAT or SAD documentation is submitted to HMCE.


  • Commodity classification based on HMCE CN coding
  • Region /Country of origin/dispatch
  • Value of goods
  • Sea/Air port of arrival/ dispatch
  • Date of import/export
  • Volume of goods
  • Importer name and address for Non EU movements

TRANS-TRAK has been developed to improve the efficiency of data queries, isolating a pre-defined data set for each client thereby reducing the wealth of unwanted data that is often associated with a global search.

Data management is handled remotely which avoids time consuming client involvement. Together with 24/7 access over the internet, via personal user names and passwords, TRANS-TRAK provides real added value to any market intelligence gathering role.

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If you are already a TRANS-TRAK subscriber you can login via the TRANS-TRAK login page.


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